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American Canvas is a screen printing studio committed to printing on sweatshop free and Eco friendly apparel. We're willing to take the time to educate our customers on the fact that there are many companies that are sweatshop free and cutting edge in the design world.We make it our priority to provide as many options as possible to create the perfect fashion statement for your needs!
We are proud to carry the following lines:



Alternative Apparel


Article 1

American Apparel





Earth Positive

Eco Apparel

Edun Live

Royal Apparel


We provide options in Bamboo, organic cotton, recycled textile cotton and recycled plastic for polyester blends and sweatshop free cottons and high performance blends.

We currently specialize in assisting companies to create their own retail lines of branded high end, fashion forward clothes. We also print for special occasion, annual event promotions and souvenirs as well as creating logo wear for businesses. We provide soft hand printing.

Drop us a line, let us know what your looking for and we'll gladly send you a quote complete with photos of apparel options.

The gals of American Canvas Screen Printing Sweat Shop Free and Eco Friendly Apparel For All Your Promo Needs

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