American Canvas Launches new Eco inks

We are thrilled! For 3 years we have been researching and testing every ink that comes close to our demands for Eco friendly. This requires not only ingredients that we are happy with but inks that do not grow mold and go bad after a few months (this causes not only waste but what is considered haz mat waste...yep water based inks fall under that). It also required that the ink prints well, gives us the baby soft hand (feel) to our prints that we pride ourselves on but also we play with special effects inks, we needed to not give up on providing that service.

Finally we found an ink that meets all of these needs now that our industries technology is slowly growing to meet the needs of sustainable designers and printers like our selves! The new ink will be in house by April 10th and we can not wait to play!

We have no interest in causing waste with our existing inks so as long as we have colors available you can take .25 cents of per print if we have the color you need in our existing inks. For the new inks, they cost much more but we are determined to continue helping business' and events through these rough economic times so our printing prices will remain the same!

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