One of our favorite apparel manufacturers on the cover of Organic exchange

You hear us rave about Anvil knitwear and this month we are not alone. Check out cover story about the good they are doing in the industry and how you as a consumer of screen printing services can request to get involved simply by asking your printer for Anvil apparel!

Great environmental lesson plan for teachers

This is a great link for teaching your class rooms the environmntal lesson behing their t shirt!

We LOVE Anvil clothing!

We are thrilled to yet again work with Anvil for gathering the tshirts needed to print the 40th anniversary tees for Earth Day Columbus! Anvil is the 3rd largest purchaser of organic American cotton and has the 6th largest sustainable apparel program! If you know about our committment to sustainability here at American Canvas you know that we are HUGE supporters of organic in transition purchasing. What the heck is that???? Well, it is how companies like Anvil Knitwear support farmers in the transitioning of their fields to organic.

A farmer can not be "certified organic" until their crops have grown chem free for 3-5 years. so in the prossess companies show their important financial support of these farmers by purchasing the "in transition" crops.

Check out Anvils new 450 tee made from recycled soda bottles and ringspun in transition cotton! (pictured above)

Class of 2010 T shirt designs

American Canvas is currently accepting orders for Class of 2010 celebration T shirts. We have a vast amount of designs ready for your school pride t shirts. Organic cotton and recycled cotton t shirts will show your pride responsibly! Contact Brenda at 614-263-4178 or to discuss your graduating class needs.

American Canvas is Ringing in the New Year!!!!

Happy New Year Special!

Basic sweatshop free tees

50 tees with 1 color print $6.00 each

100 tees with 1 color print $5.00
300 tees with 1 color print $4.00

Earth Positive Carbon Neutral Organic tee

50 tees 1 color print $9.00
100 tees 1 color print $8.00
300 tees 1 color print $7.00

American Canvas the leaders in ethical tee shirt screen printing are happy to extend this to all order placed before Jan 30th 2010. Email us at sales