New Crop of Green Fabrics!

Our industry is blowing me away right now! When Ivett and I started American Canvas only 2 years ago every old school printer we consulted with laughed at us for committing to sweatshop free and eco friendly clothing! Well, 2 years later consumers across the board are letting manufacturers know they want to spend their money where their mouth is!

Did you know 60% of corporate employees polled said they consider a companies green stance as a large part of the decision of whether or not to accept a job offer! 67% of consumers polled said they willingly pay more for green products and services and consistently choose them over the old school options!

Do you know green services and products are the 1 commercial area experiencing vast growth during this economically challenged time in our economy.

We could not be happier with the quick changes we are seeing in our own textiles industry! When your sipping purified water, consider the benefits the filtration system brings to the apparel industry. The newest crop of green fabric , Eco-carbon is activated carbon leftover from recycled coconut shells and yes the coconut helps to purify the water and makes great fabric to boot!

The biggest benefit to consumers of Eco-carbon is odor elimination, it also transports moisture making apparel quick to dry and breathable! Another great benefit is the carbon is a fiber, part of the apparel so it's benefits will not wash away over time!

Traditional performance garments which we used to not offer to our
clients had toxic chemicals in them that were absorbed by the body and
washed into streams and rivers every time you washed the item. This is such a great long terms benefit of the new Eco-carbon fibers.

What's also exciting us about the new fiber is the carbon is collected from the water industry, the parts that are too small for them to use. The coconut shells are gathered from the coconut industry so while making a new awesom fabric, our industry is taking part in cutting down land fill waste!

Did you know your clothing can now have a 50% SPF rating? Yep, Eco-carbon can have a 50+ rating! How cool is this?

We could not be more proud to be a part of an industry that once had very few positive impacts on the lives of workers and the environment and now, well, I could talk your ear off with the crazy amount of advances going on but for now, I'll save it for another interesting blog entry!

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